Redding Dog Training 

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puppy, Basic & Advanced Training Services

If you have a puppy or an adult dog, you need to start somewhere. Training starts with teaching your everyday commands and solving unwanted behavior (behavior modification). Advanced training takes everything to another level… did you know there are 12 variations of the sit command. Always start with basics and advance on when person and dog are ready.     


Private lessons can be anywhere, however in-home lessons tend to be most popular and benefit families the most. Puppy basics are great for private lessons, which includes potty training, crate training, and socializing. Starting with minimal distractions is best and most productive for teaching new concepts. In-home private lessons are better to do before taking the group dog training class to maximize success during a group class.

6 week Group Class: puppy, basic, and advanced

  • Productive environment with distractions and dogs

  • Controlled Socializing for puppies and adult dogs

  • Distractions that aren't at home that need work

  • Maintenance training for dogs who already have trained and just want to practice with us


Group classes are weekly, they continue for 6 weeks, and then restart. 

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