Redding Custom Dog Training

You can relax and leave the training to me. I'm happy to train your dog for you!

My Method

You can have any dog you want custom trained by me. Save time and work. Your dog will live with me and my pack, in my home. When they return to you, they will be trained. All obedience commands are available and any other command you can think of (that is realistic for a dog to do).

Send your new puppy to me and I will first take care of potty training and socializing. Your dog will go potty on command and in a location; no more accidents in the house and no more standing in the rain or heat waiting. Socializing is the most important thing you can do at an early age for your dog. I can socialize your dog because I have time and resources to, it's my job. I have access to other dogs to socialize with and lots of people… which helps prevent aggression and build confidence.

Have your dog custom trained by me and a trained dog will be delivered back to you.

Would you rather do private lessons or a group class?