I’m happy to treat train!

I’m happy to treat train!

Luring – Is your hand movement, that can become a hand signal.

Capturing – Is rewarding at the right time… to ‘capture’ to correct behavior.

Shaping – Is rewarding in small steps… to accomplish a complete behavior later. 

Treat training can be a very effective way to train your dog.

I do recommend treat training… ‘sometimes’.

…However I feel giving you dog physical praise (petting your dog) results in more reliable behavior. And doing this will create a stronger relationship between human and dog… not between dog and food.

NEXT…….. Consider using some equipment… I do recommend thesesometimes too.

Training Equipment

Listed in level of corrective efficiency, 1. being the lowest.

(Keep in mind there are many training tool that didn’t make my list but are still useful.)

  • Chest harness 
  • Nun-pull harness
  • Halti collar
  • Martingale collar 
  • Training lead
  • Snap around collar
  • Chain and nylon dog collar
  • Laced chain collar
  • Standard chain collar
  • Plastic prong collar
  • Prong collar with strap
  • Standard prong collar
  • Electric collar , I recommend two different models.

 Dogtra iQ- (Reliable and easy to use)
Educator ET-300TS  (Reliable but usage is more advanced)

“That’s awful how could you ever consider a prong or electric collar.”

Ummm… WOW, Hit the BRAKES… Hold on a minute. Consider the following….Please…

Prong collars and Electric collars

Are they for every dog? …….. No absolutely not. I rarely recommend a prong collar or electric as the first training method. Proper handling and clear communication is curtail when using both, making them more advanced tools. They need to be used Properly, because they can be used wrong. Also, remember to reward A.M.A.P. !!! I recommend doing an evaluation before deciding to use one of these training tools.


I can teach you how to use these tools properly and effectively!


(Thank you Jeff/SolidK9Training. I spoke with you in person, I’m on your side.)

This is important : Take this test.

Volhard Canine Personality Profile

What is it? This is a 5 minute questionnaire that will give you specific results regarding your dog’s instinctive behaviors. This is great to discus during and evaluation and important to utilize during lessons.

Here is the link: http://www.volhard.com/pages/canine-personality-profile.php

These results help when working with each temperament.

What are the temperaments? Proper names of these can be disputed, and there are people who say there are more kinds and others would say there are fewer. These are the ones I use to identify.

*Dogs can be a combination of two or more.

Types of dog temperaments:

  • Happy go lucky- always happy eager to please
  • Hyper active- gas pedal stuck down
  • Basket case- crazy dog
  • Aggressive- aggressive
  • Shy- avoids anything that makes them uncomfortable
  • Fear biter- shy + uses aggression… not aggressive + shyness

The Happy go lucky dogs usually don’t “need” training because they are just pleased to make their human happy, and become training with normal life events. Their good nature makes them pleasant to be around which reduces the ‘need’ for obedience commands (thought the Happy go lucky dog would be more than happy to do them). I still recommend training for a Happy go lucky because progress with out treats can be very quick and advanced to off leash obedience. Training a Happy good lucky dog strengthens communication and relationship.

 The dogs I help most are numbers 2-6.
? Can my dogs temperament change…?
… maybe not 100%, but a shy dog can become social
…and an aggressive dog can become social
… and a hyperactive dog can calm down.

With consistent training the answer is YES!